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Furniture Plan

Create an interior plan that accents the space you already have. Our process starts with discussing what feeling you want to bring into the design through your style and vision. We provide floor plans and swatches that help you visualize the end result as we move forward.

Floor Plans

After preparing a detailed floor-plan of the location, we develop furniture layouts and space plans that work in harmony to meet your goals. We also share our initial thoughts on fabrics to use and possible finishing ideas.

Fabric Library

Our fabric library features hundreds of colors and upholstery textures, so we are sure to find just the right fit for your project. But don’t worry, even with so many options, our designers will be there to guide you to the ideal one.


Sometimes, the hardest part of making a decision is not being able to picture the end result. We make it easier to visualize the finished product by including straightforward drawings, fabric samples, and color swatches with all of our design plans.


Turn to design experts who can help you coordinate a remodel of any size. We assist with drafting a project budget and a plan that can accomplish your vision. We handle bids to complete the remodel, making sure that the final results surpass your expectations.

Construction Plans

No remodel project should start without a calculated plan. We use a detailed construction plan to guide the process, which ensures that we stay on task and within the budget you set.

3D Renderings

Based on the construction plans, we create 3D renderings of the space to help fully visualize the end product. This step gets the creative juices flowing with ideas of how to furnish it.

Finished Product

Once completed, you will truly discover the beauty that distinction and harmony can bring to a well-designed space. And you will be amazed at the ease working with the best designers in the industry.

New Construction

New construction offers a blank slate of possibilities. Trust Ferguson Phillips to establish a bespoke design plan and budget that checks all of your boxes, coordinate bids to complete work on time, and share design tools that help you picture the end result long before we get there.


If you can dream it, we can make it happen. After all, our expertise isn’t just in design, but in making the dreams of our clients into realities.


Considering how a space will be used and enjoyed is crucial to developing a plan that optimizes its functionality. Our process starts with recognizing the subtle uses for every space and how to make it work even better.


Beautiful design highlights the distinct element of every space. Whether at home or in a commercial setting, we look to design features that are unforgettable. Be inspired by the beauty and harmony that live in well-designed spaces.

Tasteful and timeless.

Let's get started on your project.