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Over 400 pages, editor Michael Köckritz, author Jürgen Lewandowski and photographer Michel Zumbrunn approach the phenomenon of Ferrari: beauty and sexiness, class and strength. Not only the most famous models are presented, but also the most important designers who have shaped Ferrari. With many exciting stories and anecdotes surrounding the legendary brand and its automotive icons The attractive design of Charles Blunier & Co. and generous equipment give this book exactly the setting that the vehicles from Maranello deserve. Success is not based on miracles, but almost always proves to be the conclusion of a clear concept; The culminating of a purposefully, even emphatically advanced idea. And yet the aura of Ferrari borders on the wonderful. What is behind this phenomenon? What is connected with the fascination of a brand whose creations of extraordinary designs are recognized as such all over the world and enthusiastically received? Firstly, even today, 70 years after its founding, many aspects of the ferrari miracle can only be explained by the person of the Commendator, Enzo Ferrari. Perseverance, passion and also toughness against oneself and others gave the brand under the Cavallo Rampante the strength to develop into what it is today: sheer fascination on four wheels. Secondly, the long list of successes in international racing must be regarded as just as important. No class, no competition that has not been tackled by Ferrari at some point during the last seventy years and more or less immediately won. And finally: Ferrari is something of a synonym for Italianità, aesthetics, elegance and style-defining design. This level of emotional power measures the true value of a brand and its products. The third and perhaps most important aspect of making the miracle Ferrari tangible. The Ferrari Book Passion for Design traces the miracle and lets us experience the passion that has become the automobile in a generous format.

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